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Facilities Planning and Construction

The mission of the Facilities Planning and Construction (FPC) Division is to design and construct clean, safe, environmentally friendly facilities that encourage successful teaching and learning.

Many studies point to better attendance, improved test scores, and reduced disciplinary problems as evidence that the physical environment of a school can make a difference in education. As one looks at the results of the research, findings link improved student achievement with building quality, newer or modernized buildings, improved lighting, thermal comfort, acoustics, and indoor air quality. Studies also show a relationship between safe, secure, and well-maintained schools and performance, attendance, and dropout rate.

A physical environment can also symbolize certain qualities, values, and personal experiences. A school structure can symbolize hope, opportunity, or stability for students. Perhaps the greatest impact of safe, comfortable and inspiring schools is that they show students and teachers that they are respected and special individuals, and that education is a critical component of our society. It's important that students, teachers, parents and community members want to come to our schools.

Led by Lee Dulgeroff, Chief Facilities Planning & Construction Officer, FPC manages the implementation of the $4.9 billion bond program funded by San Diego Unified School District's Propositions S and Z. Prop. S is a $2.1 billion bond measure that was approved by 68.71 percent of San Diego voters in 2008. Prop. Z is a $2.8 billion bond measure approved by 61.8 percent of the voters in 2012. The district does not receive all the bond funds at once. It receives them in increments based on bond issuances, which are approximately every two years.

The services within FPC are strategic planning, project management (including the design phase), construction management, business outreach, contracts compliance (post-award), labor compliance, program management and implementation of the district's Project Stabilization Agreement for Prop. S.

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