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Air Conditioning at Our Schools

Air-conditioningSan Diego Unified School District has developed a plan to air condition all classrooms and other educational support spaces. In accordance with the Board of Education's direction, air conditioning has been installed in the hottest 2,000 classrooms. Air conditioning is currently being installed in the remaining educational support spaces at these schools. In November 2015, the Board further authorized air conditioning to be installed in all schools. Expedited planning, engineering and design of air conditioning systems for all classrooms and other approved spaces in the remaining central and coastal schools is underway.

For the status of air conditioning at a specific school, visit fpcprojects.sandi.net.

Consideration was given to district temperature studies and other conditions unique to each school site to allow schools in the hottest areas to receive air conditioning first, and to allow the expedited work to proceed as efficiently as possible. As school-specific plans are developed and finalized, the district's Facilities Planning and Construction staff will meet with each school principal to review the spaces being air conditioned and the installation schedule. Additionally, air conditioning schedules are regularly updated and posted on the district website. Using Internet Explorer (recommended browser), enter fpcprojects.sandi.net for the specific web page.

Air conditioning systems include roof units with ceiling-mounted venting and high-capacity, wall-mounted units. An appropriately sized unit is provided based on its capacity to expel hot air from each classroom or other space and rapidly exchange it for cooler air. The air conditioning systems are supported by electrical system upgrades, conduit, wiring, transformers, switch gear and breaker panels. A majority of construction is scheduled to take place during after-school hours, on weekends, and during holiday breaks to minimize campus disruption.

The installations are contracted and managed by the district's Facilities Planning & Construction (FPC) Division, and are funded by the capital improvement bond program. FPC staff communicates regularly with principals, providing schedule information in advance of the construction work. Project outreach includes pre-construction meetings, a work plan with week-to-week, look-ahead schedules, progress meetings, information bulletins and updated postings on the School Facilities Projects web portal at fpcprojects.sandi.net. (Internet Explorer is the recommended browser for viewing all content.)