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For Charter Operators

This webpage is for charter school leaders and operators including updated contact information and deadlines


CLICK HERE to see the most updated calendar of document/report submission deadlines.


Annual Site Visit Information:

All site visit documents will be submitted via Epicenter. View and download the SITE VISIT DOCUMENT LIST. Additional information and specific site schedules we be emailed to individual schools closer to the site visit date.

Renewel Petitions: Please review and download the AB 1505 Implementation Plan for detailed information regarding renewal petition submissions, timelines, new renewel standards and additional grounds for denial.

CDPH Guidance: Please review the attached CDPH website communication dated May 23, 2023 for “COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K–12 Schools to Support Safe In-Person Learning ” https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/K-12-Guidance-2022-23-School-Year.aspx

COVID Quarantines & Closures: Please email [email protected]; [email protected] if your charter school implements a quarantine or school closure for a significant number of students, for example a whole class or grade level due to a community outbreak. J-13 Documents require a wet signature from SDUSD Superintendent Office. Please schedule a time  to drop off the form to the Charter Office to route for signature. The charter school is responsible for the final delivery to the CDE.  
Independent Study Policy: Please be prepared to submit your Independent Study board approved policy at your site visit. If you modify the policy later in the year, please email the updated version, along with charter board documents showing approval, to [email protected]; [email protected]. Please note that the passing of AB181, in June 2022, again created changes to Independent Study and may require an update to your Independent Study Policy.

Charter Revisions: Please contact [email protected]; [email protected]  if you are seeking to revise your educational program, governance, and/or operations, which may include opening, closing, expanding, or adding a facility (including administrative offices); changing grade levels; changing the school name; changing the SELPA membership; increasing enrollment beyond what was approved in the current charter; changing the governing board structure; changing the bylaws; etc. We are happy to discuss whether a proposed change necessitates the SDUSD Board of Education to grant/deny a material revision to the charter. Operating without an approved charter revision may result in a not in good standing status and/or notice of violation.


The charter office is located at 4100 Normal Street, Annex 15, San Diego. Below is our contact information.

Deidre Walsh


(619) 725-7109

[email protected]  

Tiffany DeGraffenreid


(619) 725-7107

[email protected]

Richard Farace

Program Manager

(619) 725-5517

[email protected]

 Joanne Lin-Hening Program Manager (619) 725-7113 [email protected]

The SDUSD Charter Schools Financial Accounting  located at 4100 Normal Street, Room 3125, San Diego. Below is the contact information.

Nadine Creer

Senior Financial Accountant

(619) 725-7592

[email protected]

Theresa Goody

Senior Financial Accountant

(619) 725-7590

[email protected]

The SDUSD Pupil Accounting Office office is located at 4100 Normal Street, Room 3110, San Diego. Below is the contact information. 


Deanna Slieff

Lead Pupil Accounting Technician

(619) 725-7576

[email protected]