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Hot Weather FAQs

Will schools be closed due to hot weather?

The district does not close schools due to hot weather but may call for minimum days at some schools under certain circumstances. Minimum days would be called at schools that cannot provide air conditioned learning spaces for all children when the forecasted temperature is 95° or higher with a heat index of 103° or higher. A minimum day schedule is not called on the first day of a heat wave but a decision would be made by noon on the day prior to minimum/modified day schedules being implemented. The Superintendent or designee makes the decision to implement minimum day scheduled.

Why don't you close schools?

We believe the best place for our students, even in hot weather, is in the classroom where they are learning, supervised and being part of school activities. Modifications to our instructional plan are made to take advantage of cooler spots on schools and to minimize discomfort as much as possible. Schools know to reduce PE activities such as running, jumping, prolonged exposure to the sun. Activities are adjusted to reduce strenuous exercises. Parents who believe their child's health may be compromised by excessive heat have the option of keeping students home or picking them up early.

When is my school going to get air conditioning?

All San Diego Unified schools now have air conditioning.

San Diego Unified School District has developed a plan to air condition all classrooms and other educational support spaces. In accordance with the Board of Education's direction, air conditioning has been installed in the hottest 2,000 classrooms. Air conditioning is currently being installed in the remaining educational support spaces at these schools. In November 2015, the Board further authorized air conditioning to be installed in all schools. Expedited planning, engineering and design of air conditioning systems for all classrooms and other approved spaces in the remaining central and coastal schools is underway.

Consideration was given to district temperature studies and other conditions unique to each school site to allow schools in the hottest areas to receive air conditioning first, and to allow the expedited work to proceed as efficiently as possible. As school-specific plans are developed and finalized, the district's Facilities Planning and Construction staff will meet with each school principal to review the spaces being air conditioned and the installation schedule. Additionally, air conditioning schedules are regularly updated and posted on the district website. Visit fpcprojects.sandi.net for site-specific information, and scroll down to "Project Schedules" on the school's page.

Air conditioning systems include roof units with ceiling-mounted venting and high-capacity, wall-mounted units. An appropriately sized unit is provided based on its capacity to expel hot air from each classroom or other space and rapidly exchange it for cooler air. The air conditioning systems are supported by electrical system upgrades, conduit, wiring, transformers, switch gear and breaker panels. A majority of construction is scheduled to take place during after-school hours, on weekends, and during holiday breaks to minimize campus disruption.

For more information on the installation of air conditioning at specific schools, visit the School Facilities Projects web page.

My child is sensitive to heat. Can he/she bring extra water/have special accommodations?

We encourage students to bring containers of water to help stay hydrated and comfortable at school. We also encourage students at school to take water fountain breaks frequently throughout the day. If students have a particular medical condition that is exacerbated by the heat, parents are encouraged to keep them home. Teachers and nurses know to monitor students closely for any signs of heat-related stress.

Why aren't the nurses' offices/indoor assembly area/high occupancy spaces getting air conditioning?

The priority has been on outfitting classrooms. Per the direction of the Board of Education and the Superintendent, an evaluation is underway to prioritize the retrofitting of A/C for nurses' offices and other critical spaces in the schools that have already received classroom air conditioning.