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About Pesticide Use Notification

Each year the district creates a new registry (list) of parents and staff interested in advanced notification before pesticides are used at their school or site. Register with the district's Integrated Pest Management online or by completing the Pesticide Use Notification Form found in the Facts for Parents booklet distributed to all families at the beginning of each school year. Those whose names are added to the registry will receive notification at least 72 hours before pesticides are applied.

In the event of an emergency that requires spraying of pesticides, only the site will be notified and signs will be posted. However, those listed in the registry will not be notified.

San Diego Unified School District complies with CA state law requiring the use of effective and least toxic pest management practices. The district also provides annual notification to all parents/guardians of students enrolled at a district school with a listing of all pesticides that may be applied at their site.

For more information regarding pesticides and their alternatives, see: www.cdpr.ca.gov.


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List of approved pesticides and active ingredients
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