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Annual Employee Notifications

  1. All employees will receive and email from San Diego Unified School District, Subject: SafeSchools Online Training. The email will provide log in instructions and the link to the training.
    1. The training can be completed all at once or in small sessions.
    2. Employees will receive email reminders until they have complete the training.
    3. Employees may print or save a certificate for their records. 
  2. Do not send the certificates to the HR office, we will be monitoring completion electronically and do not need the paper documentation.

SafeSchools website: https://sandiegounified-ca.safeschools.com/

What are Annual Employee Notifications?

Annual Employee Notifications are the process used by the District to fulfill our obligation to inform employees each year of important health and safety topics. As employees of a public school district, we are entrusted with the care of children on a daily basis. Whether we work at a school site and directly interact with children or we work at one of the many district facilities, we have a responsibility to know and understand our roles in ensuring students are safe at school. Most importantly, we have a responsibility to report any conduct that may be harmful to students.


As part of the hiring process, all new employees are required to read and understand certain topics. These topics are known as Annual Employee Notifications.

Current Employees

On an annual basis, the District is required to notify all employees, including substitute employees, of certain topics. These are the same Annual Employee Notifications provided to new employees.