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Site Self-Help Projects


Contact PPO when you have a project or donation to consider.

We can help with:

  • Site assessment: We are available to research future and current issues for the proposed project. For example don't put your garden in a location that will be used for future classrooms or needed to access utilities.
  • Compliance with district standards: We will advise on approved district standards for your project. Spend your time building or installing donations that will be safe around children and stand the test of time.
  • Adherence to the OSS labor contract: Avoid grievances for taking work away from district employees.
  • Responsibility review: Self-help projects are the responsibility of the site administrator and will be maintained by the site. We can make sure your efforts are well spent by including PPO in the process.

All proposed modifications to a school site by volunteers require the submittal of the self-help form with the Principal's signature. Projects and/or donations will be reviewed by maintenance planning staff for approval. Links to administrative procedures and necessary forms can be found below.



 Andrea Eaton, Self-Help Coordinator

[email protected] - 858.627.6267