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Field Operations

Our police officers are assigned to three patrol areas. We currently have a campus police officer assigned to each high school cluster and a patrol division. Our primary duties are to patrol the campus and surrounding streets, conduct criminal investigations, and complete thorough reports in preparation for the city or district attorney's office. As our department embraces and exercises restorative practices, we will continue to collaborate with administrators with on-site issues to prevent and reduce crime, while increasing safe educational environments.

To provide a safe school environment on campuses and throughout the school district, the San Diego Unified School District School Police patrol area encompasses 220 square feet providing safety for over 105,000 students, staff, and community. The three patrol areas are Northern Division, South-Eastern Division, and Western Division with a Field Sergeant assigned to each. If you have any questions, please contact the campus police officer listed below:


 Field Supervisor  Sergeant Thomas Gray  [email protected]
 Canyon Hills High Cluster  Officer Matthew Luna  [email protected]
 La Jolla High Cluster   Officer Brandon Noyes  [email protected]
 Madison High Cluster 
 Mira Mesa High Cluster  Officer Jess Allensworth  [email protected]
 Scripps Ranch High Cluster  Officer Caleb Arnold  [email protected]
 University City High Cluster  Officer Phillip Franchina
 [email protected]



 Field Supervisor Acting Sergeant Sal Halol  [email protected]
 Clairemont High Cluster
 Crawford High Cluster   Officer Bruce Taitano  [email protected]
 Henry High Cluster   Officer Steve Skinner  [email protected]
 Hoover High Cluster  Officer Fernando Meza  [email protected]
 Kearny High Cluster  Officer David Pallesen  [email protected]
 Mission Bay High Cluster  Officer Robert Lozano  [email protected]



 Field Supervisor  Sergeant Robert Bonilla  [email protected]
 Lincoln High Cluster                  Officer Servando De La Torre / Officer Aaron Sims   [email protected] / [email protected]
 Morse High Cluster   Officer Joel Barrera  [email protected]
 SCPA Cluster   



 Field Supervisor  Sergeant Keith Boyd  [email protected]
 Logan Memorial Cluster  Officer Jessica Gonzalez  [email protected]
 Point Loma High Cluster     
 San Diego High Cluster   Officer Patrick Vinson  [email protected]