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District Advisory Council on Compensatory Education (DAC)



The District Advisory Council (DAC) for Compensatory Education Programs is a district-level advisory group comprised of parents, site staff, and community leaders who consult with the Board of Education and district staff on behalf of Compensatory Education participants. If a district receives Compensatory Education funds, it is required to have a DAC. Additionally, Title I law requires that parents be involved in the development of the Local Education Agency (LEA) Plan and the process of school review and improvement. Parents should also be a part of the annual review of the LEA Plan as well as review the LEA-Level Parent and Family Engagement Policy. The district combines these two tasks into the responsibilities of the DAC.


Each school designates one member from the School Site Council to serve as a voting member on the DAC. DAC representatives are advocates for their school as well as all district students and are committed to attend DAC meetings regularly, provide informed input to discussions and decisions, and share information regularly with their School Site Councils. DAC representatives serve as the liaison between the DAC and the SSC, ensuring two-way communication and information. Parents are to constitute the majority of the membership of the DAC.


The DAC consults with the district and facilitates coordination and cooperation of parents, staff, and community on matters related to Compensatory Education and Title I programs. The DAC provides a forum for communication, information and training for the district’s SSCs through the DAC representative. Activities include reviewing the Consolidated Application, providing input on and reviewing the District’s LEA Plan, and reviewing and revising the District Title I Parent Involvement Policy as needed. The DAC is also a forum to provide input on the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).


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