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Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs) Curriculum

Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3Rs) is San Diego Unified School District's Board-approved comprehensive sexual health curriculum that complies with CA Healthy Youth Act requirements and National Sexuality Education Standards. This curriculum was vetted by a team of experts prior to being approved by our program's Sexual Health Education Advisory Committe and the district's Inter-divisional Curriculum Committee (ICC). The 3Rs lessons were authored by Advocates for Youth , who is funded and supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and who collaborates with the California Department of Education to implement medically accurate sexuality education state-wide. This curriculum was open to public review and comment at the Sexual Health Education Community Forum on February 6, 2017 held at the Eugene Brucker Education Center Auditorium.

For a summary of the district's curriculum, please view the Sexual Health Education Scope and Sequence ( English | Español ). For details on how to excuse your child from the instruction, please click  here . For additional curriculum resources, please see below:

Parent Preview Sex Ed Curriculum Presentations :   Click this link for overviews of the Board-approved Sex Ed curriculum. These presentations address both classroom-based and online instruction, and are available in both English and Spanish.

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