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Emergency Lockdown Procedure

If an emergency situation occurring in the vicinity of a school threatens student safety, the school may be placed under "lockdown."

During a lockdown, a school will take several security measures:

  • All school doors and windows are locked
  • All students and staff remain in their classrooms or offices.
  • No one is permitted to leave and no one, including parents, is allowed on campus.

Although such measures may seem extreme, they have proven effective in ensuring student safety. In fact, in an emergency, school is one of the safest places your child can be. Whenever a threat arises, schools are the focus of heightened attention from School Police and local authorities.

Should a lockdown occur, parents are asked to remain calm while school and local authorities manage the situation. Parents should not come to the campus until notified by the school to do so. Parents cannot pick up their child during a lockdown nor come on campus. If it appears the lockdown will last for an extended period of time, or go beyond dismissal time, school staff will notify parents by phone or email. Students will not be allowed to leave until recommended by the appropriate authorities.

Parents may be required to pick children up from school or another designated safe area, once it is determined that it is safe to do so. To further ensure student safety, parents may be required to present identification. The reunification location will be given to parents over the phone if possible, and will be publicized to the media. School officials will also work with the district's transportation department regarding bus transport.