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Williams Legislation and Sufficiency

Williams v. State of California is a statewide class action suit regarding sufficiency of instructional materials, adequacy of facilities and the qualification of teachers. In September 2004, the Williams Settlement Legislation was enacted into law requiring all districts in the State of California to provide sufficient instructional materials in core subject areas; maintain clean, safe facilities in good repair and take measures to guarantee all pupils have qualified teachers.

Requirements of the legislation affect all schools in the district. District schools identified as Academic Performance Index (API) 1-3 in 2012 are subject to an annual visit by the San Diego County Office of Education (the "County" or "SDCOE"). The purpose of the annual visits is to verify the sufficiency of instructional materials, condition of facilities and information reported on the School Accountability Report Card (SARC).

The list of visited schools is required to be updated every three (3) years. Due to ongoing development of our new state accountability system and the suspension of the system based on API deciles, the state has extended the 2012 cohort of schools until a new accountability system is identified and a state statute is in place.

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