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Optional Areas and Shared Boundaries

Optional Areas

Certain areas of the San Diego Unified School District have been designated Optional Areas between multiple schools. If a student resides in one of these areas, he or she is considered a resident of the listed schools for that Optional Area only. The selected school remains the school of attendance for the duration of the student's attendance at that level (elementary, middle, or high). Students are not permitted to switch between the schools otherwise.
Optional Areas are shown in School Finder as a hyphenated list of the relevant schools. The School Finder results page must display one or more of the hyphenated names shown below for the address entered in order for an Optional Area to be applicable to your home address. Optional Areas are reviewed annually and subject to change. Please see Frequently Asked Questions on Optional Areas.


Shared Boundaries

Farb and DePortola middle schools share an attendance area. Both schools serve grades 6-8. Please contact either school or the Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options office for more information.

Dana and Correia middle schools share an attendance area. However, the grade ranges do not overlap. Dana serves 5-6 and Correia serves 7-8. Also, the Grant UTK-8 attendance area overlaps with the Dana/Correia-Roosevelt optional area - thus, students residing in this area have multiple options for middle level grades (5-8).