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Supplier Self-Service

Providing Electronic Access to Your Company's Information

The San Diego Unified School District is pleased to provide this supplier site for suppliers already doing business with the district. In order for your company to access certain information from its back-end enterprise management systems using a secure, internet-based portal.

Suppliers provided this access will be able to do the following:

  • View your company's address(es), phone and fax numbers
  • View and edit your company's contact information
  • View and print its Purchase Orders
  • View Receipts entered for goods/services provided to the District
  • View its Invoices and associated Vouchers and Payments information
  • View check numbers, check dates and check amounts for Payments
  • View account balances and invoices related to those balances

Save this link in your browser's Favorites for future use. Please add the supplier site to your "Trusted Sites" in your Internet Explorer browser.

In order to do this, locate the "Tools" button on the Toolbar and select "Internet Options" from the dropdown list. Navigate to the "Security" tab and select "Trusted sites" in the "Select a Web content zone to specify its security settings."

Click on the "Sites" button. This will open another window where you will be able to add the website to the zone.

Please add https://dwa.sandi.net/psp/financials/SUPPLIER/ERP/?cmd=logout and click on the "Add" button and then click OK and OK again to exit the internet options.

Your company's account executive will be provided with a User ID and Password to enter the Supplier Portal.

Access for additional users to your company's information can be requested by submitting a Vendor User Access Request Form to [email protected].

A tutorial containing training videos and reference guide is also available to explain all the features available and how to maximize this functionality. View the guidelines for using the tutorial.

For information on becoming a supplier or vendor with the district please contact the Strategic Sourcing & Contracts Officer at 858-522-5808.