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About ICA (Formerly QAO)



The Office of Investigations, Compliance & Accountability (ICA), formerly known as the Quality Assurance Office (QAO), is dedicated to upholding the District’s mission to ensure a safe, inclusive, and equitable learning environment for all students, staff, and community members.


Our Internal Investigators conduct fair and impartial investigations into allegations of student and staff misconduct, formal Title IX complaints, Uniform Complaints, and Citizen Complaints pursuant to District policies and procedures, and state and federal laws and regulations.


We ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations governing educational programs so that all students and community members are treated equitably in the District's programs and activities and provide a safe, secure environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying.


We strive to instill confidence in our community that their concerns are heard and appropriately routed to site decision-makers and District leadership. We provide timely and professional intake and a thorough documentation process of the actions taken and outcomes achieved on behalf of the District. The Office manages a district-wide database that collects and records all concerns and complaints reported online or in person.

Title IX:

Our Title IX team is responsible for assessing and responding to all reports of sexual harassment, discrimination, and gender-based violence in accordance with federal law and District policies. The Title IX Office advises individuals of their rights, coordinates with sites to implement supportive measures, oversees the investigation and adjudication of formal complaints, and conducts district-wide training and prevention efforts.